Here are a few nice things recently contributed by fans:


Lint Fanfiction:

Ever wondered about Juan the Cigar Hermit, or Regnar the Soldier, or what exactly it was that Fang did while in Rascaline? Now you can read Phenoca’s take on all of that business here. (Also goblins)


Lint Fanart:

– Amazing-looking Fang pic by Lostie815






– Henry Page by Yolashillinia





– A great portrait of Teitnl byLostie of The Silver Eye





– A lovely pic of Sangwine by the super duper talented Erulisse. I love her stuff!!!!





– A pretty little Bactine pic Erulisse made for my most recent birthday. Wonderful! Check out that fabric.





– TEITNL FINDS THESE RAINBOWS VERY TIRESOME. A shiny new fanart of everyone’s favorite angry blue-haired unicorn-hating illusionist by Jen.





– Here is a cool-looking coloring job of a minimalist lineart of Zedwig I did recently, colored by Summerchristian.





Lintier Banners:

I’ve made one lame banner and here it is!