The End

Wednesday — January 6th, 2010
The End
Wednesday — January 6th, 2010

The End

Hey Ever’body!

Here’s the thrilling The End Page. Wow, it’s like a 3rd grader drew it or something!

I have a bazillion bukoos of news, here’s to hoping I can remember everything.

FIRST: Here’s that podcast you ordered. Me and Ron talking about everything Lint-related and answering most of your questions. We actually did this on December 23rd, so it’s slightly dated. Some things I left unanswered, because of future Lint possibilities.

SECOND: I got inspired and finished putting Lint into print! I looked into a lot of options, and found that I couldn’t get the same level of quality for any less (at least, not that I found), so I went ahead and finished out the volumes at Lulu. Now available, Lint Vol. 5 and Lint Vol. 6!

THIRD: Lint and my future comic endeavors have just been accepted into the SpiderForest collective~ Buncha great people, over there, I tells ya.

FOURTH: Speaking of future comic endeavors, what about my next work, eh!? Well, it’s titled “Pygmalion in Space” and here it is in embryonic form. Frumph will be creating the site, so you can watch it be built from the ground up (and an fyi; he hasn’t touched it yet. All that nastiness is my own horrible handiwork). In fact, probably everything will change before it actually starts, but now you can watch it evolve until opening day, which, if nothing hitches, should be later this month.

FIFTH: The Comic Creator’s Alliance will start taking donations to stop Human Trafficking on January 11th! This concerns you because… well… human trafficking is bad, and PLUS if you donate you get a nifty wallpaper with art from a ton of webcomic artists, including myself.

SIXTH: Is something I forgot!

Anyway, Thanks for reading, thanks for being around and for all the support. See you soon!



Extra Blog Postings:

Spring Has Arrived!

Ack! I got hit this week with a really crazy amount of spring fever and lost all motivation to do anything except sit outside and be blithely showered with rays of golden, golden springtime sunshine. I am sorry, readers. But it’s been really great!!!

Okay, so my first spring in Texas has been amazing. HOWEVER, I am now sobering up, maybe I’ll get one of my kids to smack me and say, “GET AHOLD OF YOURSELF, WOMAN”, and more Lint should be on its way soon enough. Thank you for your patience.


Incentive and Alack

Howdy. Well, I’m having a tough time with this next page. I started it one way, then another, then changed again, so I’m pretty sure it’s not going to get done by tomorrow, especially since I’m in desperate need of some extra sleep tonight. So we’re shooting for Friday! Bear with me please; these pages are complicated in every way! So for an incentive I just put up my first page of sketches, most of which won’t be used actually, or will be revised if they are used. Enjoy and have a great week!




By the way, if you vote for Lint and then click through (click the link to go back to Lint), your vote will count twice for Lint. That’s a little loophole my competitor has been using… perhaps abusing… in order to stay ahead. Plus: you can vote as many times as you want. Yes, it’s true. Another loophole being used for certain nefarious purposes. I’m of the philosophy that the person who is actually getting the most real votes should be #1, what about you?

Eventually it’ll all be sorted out and the system will be more accurate, but until then, you know what to do!

Vote Incentive

It seems like I need a little help so far this month as Lint is no longer #1, oh noes! Well, this incentive has dialog, so if you don’t want to know what the next page is about, don’t click! 2 panels, scene change, rough format with dialog.

Also, as far as finishing it goes, this is going to be a challenging page as far as the lineart is concerned, so I’m going to make a safe estimate and say it’ll be done by Monday. I’m shooting for tomorrow night, but I’ll just SAY Monday so maybe one or two of you will be pleasantly surprised if it’s earlier. :D


Not yet!

Hey guys, I’m not succeeding in finishing this comic unless I were to finish it at the expense of my good health, but I have replaced the vote incentive image with a half-way colored one! Will be done tomorrow, I’ve only about an hour and half worth of work left on it. Thanks for your patience!


How about an incentive? An incentive with words, even! One panel, lineart/dialogue done. Comic should be out tomorrow (Tuesday). Love!

Bad News

I knew there was a reason I tend to take a week off between chapters. I got working on the first page of this chapter and was almost finished drawing it by the time realized I couldn’t start this scene before I did another scene first. So I’m starting over from square one and will surely be late. Let’s just call it a loss and go for Friday. The good news is, when I finally get to this scene I’ll have a big head start. Meanwhile, I’m going to take some extra time to schedule everything out to make sure it all lines up how I want it to. I really HAVE to make sure not to leave anything out between here and… later, because that would really muck things up.

I know some of you are very anxious, but it’s better I get it out right than make some huge error trying to get it all out faster!

Mmm, Incentivey!

New incentive image is up, and it’s somebody we haven’t seen for a while! Without color you might not recognize who it is, who knows.

Incentive Image is UP

…. and it is probably baffling. This is just a part of the title page for Chapter 15.

News – Not Yet Here, Either

Hey guys, sorry had to skip an update, such is life for a mother of four! I guess I’m lucky I get to update…. EVER. Well, anyway, my eyes are crossing but I’ve got some fanart and news I’ll stick in here in the morning when I’m not so weary. Meanwhile: Chapter 14 ends!


Okay, couple of news items! One is a few fanarts by Julian, one of Fang being a big lurking evil head, and the other a mix of Lint and Gone With the Wind. Pretty awesome! Thanks, Julian!


Second, there are bookmarks in the store! They are ultra-snazzy.

Third, be on the lookout for a preview of the next page, being a Chapter Title Page, under the vote incentive. These are some of my favorite parts because then I get to get all arteeeesty. Thanks for sticking around!