The End

Hey Ever’body!

Here’s the thrilling The End Page. Wow, it’s like a 3rd grader drew it or something!

I have a bazillion bukoos of news, here’s to hoping I can remember everything.

FIRST: Here’s that podcast you ordered. Me and Ron talking about everything Lint-related and answering most of your questions. We actually did this on December 23rd, so it’s slightly dated. Some things I left unanswered, because of future Lint possibilities.

SECOND: I got inspired and finished putting Lint into print! I looked into a lot of options, and found that I couldn’t get the same level of quality for any less (at least, not that I found), so I went ahead and finished out the volumes at Lulu. Now available, Lint Vol. 5 and Lint Vol. 6!

THIRD: Lint and my future comic endeavors have just been accepted into the SpiderForest collective~ Buncha great people, over there, I tells ya.

FOURTH: Speaking of future comic endeavors, what about my next work, eh!? Well, it’s titled “Pygmalion in Space” and here it is in embryonic form. Frumph will be creating the site, so you can watch it be built from the ground up (and an fyi; he hasn’t touched it yet. All that nastiness is my own horrible handiwork). In fact, probably everything will change before it actually starts, but now you can watch it evolve until opening day, which, if nothing hitches, should be later this month.

FIFTH: The Comic Creator’s Alliance will start taking donations to stop Human Trafficking on January 11th! This concerns you because… well… human trafficking is bad, and PLUS if you donate you get a nifty wallpaper with art from a ton of webcomic artists, including myself.

SIXTH: Is something I forgot!

Anyway, Thanks for reading, thanks for being around and for all the support. See you soon!



  • The_One_Guy

    Thanks for an amazing comic, it will be missed.

  • Rachael

    AWWWW!!! thats the cutest fairy! XP
    I'm SO gonna miss reading this thing and looking forward to the next page! i'll definitely read your new work!!!

  • Phenoca

    It's pronounced Fang”line”, not Fang”leen”.
    Chapter 15's title page was not self-explanatory!
    Sanguine's middle name is… Interesting.
    Short hair = No better than a human?
    Her inspirational music is from Battlestar Galactica and Vitamin String Quartet music… Never heard them.
    It's called a colon. Oops – apostrophe!
    I'll play Sanguine in the movie! But… My hair is wrong.
    Ok – glad you finished writing Shades of Fangline (I haven't read it yet).
    Yes, finish Illusionist's Apprentice and the Exploding Letters!
    … I think I phased-out about halfway through, when you started talking about James and Kelneth (the latter
    Frost is a good name. Is that how it's spelt? Everyone is a Dwarf?
    rofl – the six fingered man was [u]not[/u] cool. And Zedwig took the role on the Halloween page.
    Colby called us smart wonderful kind good intelligent [and] thoughtful. But only three male readers? There have to be more!!

  • HelenaHermione

    “Pygmalion in Space”–sounds interesting; never thought that could travel all the way into the future…although it did travel to Hollywood/LA in the 1990s, but yeah. Pygmalion, in its own way, has been the sort of 'Beauty and the Beast' thing remade, and so I'll be interested in finding out how the Cockney girl gets translated for space–human or nonhuman?

  • jello

    Best. Page. Eva!
    I love art that looks like it belongs on your grandma's fridge. :)
    I'm really glad it didn't end like a Disney film.

  • the_pale_lady

    SQUEE!!!!!! Thank you for all your fabulosity up to this point and thank you again for your future works!

  • the_pale_lady

    SQUEE!!!!!! Thank you for all your fabulosity up to this point and thank you again for your future works!

  • Flamus

    Grats Colby on a work excellently done. Lint was wonderful. Can't wait to see what's brewing next.

  • Flo

    Congratulations Colby, What a beautiful epic you created! I've enjoyed following the travails of each and every character. Flo

  • LeafyGreenTerrorist

    I've seen that show!!! I love it! :D And thank you for the podcast; it was amazing!

  • Seanan

    it's so beautiful! *sniff*

  • spas

    k, finally listened to the podcast and you & ron are so cute – you're right – he is funny! his impression of the mexican waiter was hilarious! though i am one of the females here who adores the pretty long-haired elves. i am sad that xylic and hope are not to be, but i still 'ship them…as you say, you never know and if one fairy could fall in love, then another could too! (especially seeing as you already have a name for their hypothetical daughter! heehee) it would be ironic for all the nay-sayers who look down on xylic for his human blood that he ended up 'purifying' the elven race again. i think i said that before, but…who cares – i'm a ship'er! there were so many points where you were about to tell us something but didn't – i LOVE THAT…gives me hope that you will carry on with these characters in another story and are just waiting for a new inspiration, as you say. i did like the names with the double meanings (secret names – ha!), which reminded me of how that's always done in good literature in order to represent something about the character, but in this case it mostly mocked that tradition in a fun way. you're right, you did use the cliches well and laugh at literary traditions while still developing your own lovable characters and story.

    it was nice to hear your thoughts, too, because your impression of the characters obviously goes much deeper than has been revealed so far, even through the books. i love how xylic and sangwine's friendship is deepening, but we didn't see that so much in the comic as the book — and it seems like it happened AFTER bactine's death, as they were never so close before then, but they really need each other now. it was interesting too, to hear that your opinion of zedwig's attempt at reforming fangline is more a result of his neuroses than of your belief that even the darkest villain CAN be reformed in the end, which i thought it might have been leading up to until james intervened. zedwig's neuroses – i am so sad for him, out there in his garden alone. i suppose he'll be ok, it's just the place for some zedwig-style R&R, but it also seems lonely. i think i have a lot more to say, but i've got to go for now – i'll probably revisit these comments later. oh – and i will DEFINITELY be around for more no matter what it is, even if it is pigs in space, you silly silly people! (and 'spas' is short for spastic freakshow – and i definitely am a bit of an eccentric) – much love!

  • Arothel Simensis

    THAT WAS ONE OF THE BEST STORIES EVER!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait for your new comic, but I wish this one wasn't over!!! This should be made into a move!

  • colbycheese

    It's less the play and more the greek myth.

  • colbycheese

    Especially Hope ;D

  • colbycheese

    Xylic and Sang's friendship couldn't totally solidify like it did until Bactine was dead, so at least there was one positive thing that came out of it!

    Also, Zedwig wouldn't hang around for long once Fang was gone. Although where he goes is a secret…

  • colbycheese

    Thank you for reading it!

  • spas

    i'm going to have to go with curtain #3, bob – that colby was a secret evil character all along & her charming persona is but a carefully constructed but misleading facade! no! it can't be – zedwig's going on an adventure – to where? i think an installment of the illusionist's apprentice would help distract me from the curiosity which is eating me alive!

  • Rachael

    ahem. next page of pygmalion.

  • Rachael

    ok totally confused by that comment…. explain?

  • Rachael

    POSSIBLE PYG IN SPACE GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!! (sorry, cant think of the word for giving something away…… what is it?!?)
    so its gonna be a clay/marble thing or is it totally myth-translated-to-then and robot?

  • Rachael

    Yeah! What happens to her? there are a couple of loose ends here and there! (sang's middle name, what happens to the hope/xylic possible love story, where's zed and fang, do the blondie elves make a comeback, etc)

  • Cristal

    The end was WONDERFUL ! I didn't think it would be so beautiful, so moving ! Raaaah, I miss already all your characters. I'm sorry for my english very limited é_è I'd like express myself better. I'm going to listen your podcast : I hope I'll understand you and Ron ^^'

    Thank you very much for your comic and you can be sure that I'll read “Pygmalion in Space” too ! The first page is great ! *o*

  • Eliza

    Thankyou so much for taking the time to create this work of genius. This is one of the best web-comics (more like 'epic'!) that I've ever read.
    Your characters are all fantastic, the plot=epic win, and it was really great to see your art progress so much.
    Zedwig is probably the character I'm most obsessed with (though I love them all!)… I'd love to know what happened to that clever, tragic hottie. XD hahaha!
    I you ever decide to continue this- I AM SO THERE!
    Thankyou once again for your awesomeness.
    : )

  • Phenoca

    Those were my thoughts and revelations on the podcast… Heh heh, it was like, “What's that word for 'apostrophe'?” But… In other news, my fan-fiction is coming along well – nicely. I added some more characters into it (beginnings of the Mariachi band, when its founder is captured by the Rascaline militia, of which Regnar is a member)… Last chapter I wrote was about a goblin raider saving the life of a militia dog :)

  • BartimaeusTrilogyFan


    All I have to say. :)

  • Rachael

    ok. once again. i want to cry. CRYYYYYYYY

  • Quaro

    I loved this webcomic so much I created an ebook of the entire Lint story.

  • Sanna

    Omg. I just read this whole thing in onnnnnnnne day. I don't even know how I found it (oh wait, just remembered, from ). And. It says 'fine fluff' at the top. I wasn't expecting EPICNESS.
    I'm…. sad, that I feel like I just found it, and it's already gone.

  • Phenoca

    Making a movie would require some organization. Not to mention funding.

  • Phenoca

    Must know Sanguine's middle-name!! As for the Zedwig, you must read “The Various Shades of Fangline” from the Lint Literature section!

  • Khayaaliy

    That was so beautiful. I hate that it ended, but I'm glad it did at the same time.

  • Charlie

    I adore this comic. It went from ridiculously funny to terrifyingly dramatic, it constantly kept my attention. I laughed through the whole thing, i was scared when characters were hurt, I was relieved when they were okay. I wanted to be there, really seeing it, and i want to read more. I almost cried, twice(almost, is as close as i get.) I am definately going to check out anything else you've written.

  • Arancaytar

    Are you planning to start a new comic some day? I still come here every few months just out of habit. :P

  • zacsvoiltaire

    Well, I found this when searching for 'link' (from zelda) and accidentally typing 'Lint.'

    btw, im kinda disappointed about never finding out stump's backstory… ):

  • Brandenfascher

    I just finished this today, and it has exceeded everything I was expecting! I'm not sure I've read a comic that has finished so well. All thanks of finding this site on my curiosity and the ads on the Planes of Eldor comic site. Bravo, Colby!

  • Kd

    Wow, I think this is the best comic I've ever read. I loved the ending :) so unexpected.
    Awesome job!

  • Kal

    I read this entire comic in a single day, and I laughed so much, and by the end of it I loved all the characters (love them, actually) and the bittersweetness was perfect. Brilliant job with this, I will bookmark it and enjoy rereading forever. Bravo!

  • Xtremeoverdrive

    Okay, so I finally finished!
    The only thing that annoyed me was that Bactine was dependant and she kept leading on all the pretty boys.
    Other than that! twas awesome :)
    My favourite character would definitely have to be Xylic

  • Jordan

    You mean Hersminth? Lol!

  • Jordan

    I think I was searching for pocket lint when I found this. I guess I am just random like that but I can't believe it is over. This was my second time reading it through and it never gets old. I make sure to recommend it to my friends…and the occasional random stranger :)

  • Kgh

    Funny comic. I wonder, do you do redux's of your pages? It would be great to see how your art style has developed.

  • Olive

    I’m so sad that Xylic never got to actually tell Bactine that he loved her :(
    Good comic but I hated what happend, it made me sade :'(

  • Jake N.

    colby… why did you kill bactine?

  • Kaelin

    {sob} That…that was wonderful. I read it in one day, got here from Precocious. When I started, I thought it would be like an RPWC (role-playing webcomic), and there would be quips about someone dying and rerolling as another character, d20’s, stuff like that, but this…this was deep, thought-out, and ALL the characters evolved and grew in the course of the story. 

    And now I’ll stop typing, because I just started crying.

    Thank you!

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