The End

Hey Ever’body!

Here’s the thrilling The End Page. Wow, it’s like a 3rd grader drew it or something!

I have a bazillion bukoos of news, here’s to hoping I can remember everything.

FIRST: Here’s that podcast you ordered. Me and Ron talking about everything Lint-related and answering most of your questions. We actually did this on December 23rd, so it’s slightly dated. Some things I left unanswered, because of future Lint possibilities.

SECOND: I got inspired and finished putting Lint into print! I looked into a lot of options, and found that I couldn’t get the same level of quality for any less (at least, not that I found), so I went ahead and finished out the volumes at Lulu. Now available, Lint Vol. 5 and Lint Vol. 6!

THIRD: Lint and my future comic endeavors have just been accepted into the SpiderForest collective~ Buncha great people, over there, I tells ya.

FOURTH: Speaking of future comic endeavors, what about my next work, eh!? Well, it’s titled “Pygmalion in Space” and here it is in embryonic form. Frumph will be creating the site, so you can watch it be built from the ground up (and an fyi; he hasn’t touched it yet. All that nastiness is my own horrible handiwork). In fact, probably everything will change before it actually starts, but now you can watch it evolve until opening day, which, if nothing hitches, should be later this month.

FIFTH: The Comic Creator’s Alliance will start taking donations to stop Human Trafficking on January 11th! This concerns you because… well… human trafficking is bad, and PLUS if you donate you get a nifty wallpaper with art from a ton of webcomic artists, including myself.

SIXTH: Is something I forgot!

Anyway, Thanks for reading, thanks for being around and for all the support. See you soon!