Hey guys, this will be the spot for placing the podcast questions which Ron and I will create once everything has wound down.

Here are the questions I’ve received already:

CC: You’ve got to explain the chapter title pages as promised!

catlitten: What are you going to do when Lint is over? HOW WILL YOU LIVE? Haha, but have you bounced any other ideas around in your head? Any stories you feel you wanna tell?

Rachael: sang’s middle name? do we figure that out?

LuckyMrph: when an elf cuts his or her hair, does it grow back? Like Fang and Al’bert, it’s such a big deal to cut an elf’s hair but shouldn’t it just grow back?

Cristal: I’m wondering if you’ll draw another comic after the end of this one. I already feel nostalgic… snif ! é_è

Name: any NaNoWriMo attempt from you this year?

Spas: ok for the podcast, will there be another graphic or written story in the world of lint?

Maelstra: Since stories tend to evolve as we write them, is there any particular scene in Lint that you would do drastically different now?

LeafyGreenTerrorist: Where do you get your inspiration from? Does it come to you, or is there a certain thing you do to get inspired? Also, how did you come to name your characters?

Maelstra: Did you have any scenes that you *really* wanted to include, but cut because they would have broken the comic flow?

If you have more questions as the next few pages come out, please post them below!


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  • Phenoca

    I ordered your book. Are you writing more books?

  • lostie815

    Did you have a general plot in mind when you started the comic?
    Around what point were you in the comic when you really started plotting and exploring the Fang/Zedwig part of the story?

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  • Terragent

    I realise that the serious turn the story took would have eliminated the possibility, but were you ever tempted to have Lupee turn up and wreak his vengeance just after Fang disappeared? Pedro's not about to avenge himself, after all! :D

  • http://purnicellin.com/lint colbycheese

    Ooo I like that question!

  • http://www.ronithebear.deviantart.com/ Roni

    Do you have any sort of hidden genealogy of the Schoffels? I want a family tree sometime!

  • Falco

    What made you decide to take the plot in a more serious direction? Did it sort of evolve that way or was it a flash of inspiration?

    And, what ever happened to the book version of Lint? Is there still going to be one?

  • Dani

    Why have you never shown the “dead king's” face? That question might be rendered moot by the end of this chapter, but after rereading the comic it really sticks out in my mind as a point of curiosity.

  • Falco

    oh man THIS.

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  • Phenoca

    When is Lint: The Movie coming out?

  • Dragon

    I'd like to know more about the fairies. What kinds of forms can they take? What other powers do they have? Also (though maybe this will be answered in the last few pages), do we find out anything else about James?

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  • Rachael

    Why is the comic called LinT? Is it because of Xylic's mom? Or was it random until you started up the storyline? etc etc etc

  • Rachael


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  • Phenoca

    I think I can tell what the NaNoWriMo answer is :)

    And what IS Sanguine's middle-name?

    LeafyGreenTerrorist and Roni and Rachael all pose excellent questions.

  • Holi

    Does Xylic ever find anyone? As an utter Xylic/Bactine shipper and just a Xylic fan in general, I thought it was tragic that he could never be with Bactine.
    And if Xylic does find someone, does he have oodles-upon-oodles of munchkins and what are their names?

  • Sunday

    Can we exspect anything after Lint is finished? More stories? Anouther comic perhaps?
    And will you ever finish the Illusionist's apprentice? I loved that story x3
    …. Will Fang and Zedwig ever get a happy ending? x3 totally for fangxzedwig curse you zedwig for rejecting him *sob sob*

  • LuckyMrph

    Ok, I looked up Sangwine in the dictionary and (sanguine) literally means happy and optimistic. Bactine is also some sort of healing medicine. I'm curious about how you thought of making funny words names, and how you match them to the personalitys of your characters.Like” Zedwig or Geeves, are there any other secrete name meanings hidden around lint somewhere?

  • LuckyMrph

    In the beginning of Lint it seemed that there was no plot. It was also hilarious, (not that it didn't continue to be.) But it got more serious, and it seemed to just turn around. Of course all stories do, but why so drastically? Change of heart? Mind? Or did the story just write itself?

  • elly

    What's the story behind Hersminth? There seemed to be an entire plotline that we missed…

  • elly

    What's the story behind Hersminth? There seemed to be an entire plotline that we missed…

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