#429 – Zedwig

Whoa, check it out… I get to draw Zedwig again. Oh, love, love, love.

Speaking of whom, check out the new fanart by Jenna!

Lint by Jenna

And while you’re at it, you can check out my Fanworks page, which I have recently spiffed up a bit. Not much, but it’s a little more organized.

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  1. yerk

    That's what 'trust me' meant then! hah!

  2. Deva

    Beautiful artwork. Simply beautiful =3

  3. LikitaRenn

    oh, but where's her white streak gone to? in the flashback at least ^_^

  4. colbycheese

    *ahem* YOU SAW NOTHING.

  5. falco

    I have to admit I stopped for a few minutes to stare at Z in the second panel there.
    Gah I don't want this comic to end…

  6. keLpy

    this got me confused for a while XD
    *sigh* Zedwig is brilliant.

  7. A Reader

    Zedwig in the first panel is just plain amazingly done art. =) But where is this all leading to? I'm rather puzzled…and costume changes? Hm….

  8. LikitaRenn

    hehe, nothing at all ;)

  9. Zypher

    Nothing particular to add except yay Zed, yay Bactine, sad is ending… dying for next page and yet not wanting it because it means that's one less page to look forward too…

  10. CC

    Yay! I wasn't expecting to see Zedwig again in the comic. I always wondered why his hands were glowing back on that page, and now we know. Hmmm, Bactine's sounding a bit ominous there, but it doesn't seem like there's enough time left in the story for Zedwig to come back and try to kill everybody, so I'm not too worried…

  11. Rui

    how can there only be 9 left…? 8(

  12. Khatz

    Zedwig found out how to borrow the magnifier ability from Fang and use it on healing?

  13. spas

    i don't want it to end either…but could this not be foreshadowing of a new edition of the stories of Lint? what else would bactine's question & sang's response here mean? cryptic, no? besides, how will these story lines all be neatly tied up otherwise? hope, xylic, the future of the kingdom, al'bert, his sister, and so on?

  14. stormcloud

    So, in a way, Zedwig healed himself, by bolstering Bactine's power :O

    It's even beginning to feel like “The End.” You know how stories feel when you can tell it's almost over? That's what it's starting to feel like. Sad and happy at the same time . . .

  15. Rachael

    *cries in pure happiness*
    i get to see zedwig again! ok i'm not kidding- the fangirl part of me has evolved……….
    lol my stomach actually jumped when i saw him… what a guy… *sigh*

  16. Rachael

    me too… he's just so amazing, i love zed…

  17. Rachael

    i know, i want to cry.. hey colby, after this webcomic, u need… NEED to make one about zed's life…

  18. Rachael

    i know, i want to cry.. hey colby, after this webcomic, u need… NEED to make one about zed's life…

  19. Rachael

    u need to make a poster of zed in the second panel….. he's just sooooo amazing… *drool*

  20. CC

    Well at least we'll still have the new novel after the comic is over…

  21. spas

    Colby…Scott is actively recruiting fan art or guest comics from his fellow webcomic creators and you have a bit of time to do it – please consider doing something to participate in this?


    i'm only asking you and i so want to see lint featured on his website! pretty pretty please?

  22. colbycheese

    You are quite sweet, but there are couple of problems with that.

    1. I don't have time to do it, as you can see, I'm having trouble right now updating my own comic on time.
    2. I haven't read The Dreamland Chronicles, and it would be lousy fan art as a consequence.
    3. I don't have time to read The Dreamland Chronicles.
    4. I don't have time to make Lint.
    5. I'm gonna make a push to get these last pages out, though, soon.

    Thanks for supporting me!!!

  23. LuckyMrph

    That HAAAS to be my fav pic of Zeddy! the best for last huh? Bactine and Sang r just great too! <3

  24. spas

    you are the sweet one – one of the most gracious people i've ever met online! i hear you. like the others, i am almost happy to delay the ending, plus i feel that lint has never gotten as much web attention as it truly properly deserves! it is amazing how many things you do in your life…and you are an inspiration to me to accomplish more with mine.

  25. yerk

    i agree lint should have more web attention!

  26. Rachael


  27. Rachael


  28. Eliza

    He is brilliant. :D
    “what will you do if he returns?”
    Have a party, obviously. ;D
    Maybe he'd resume his position eventually….?
    Zedwig is just amazing. lol

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