Last night Ron was at my computer when my 2 year old was bringing him a glass of water, which she dropped and spilled onto my Wacom tablet.


… by the way. For what it’s worth I put up a page of sketches for the next comic page under the vote incentive button.

Update: I have jimmy-rigged a solution and with luck will be able to create the same level of detail! Still, it’s good news.


  1. Eccentric

    Oh NO. Glad you have a solution on your hands, but would it cost you to buy another/get it fixed? What's the extent of damage?

  2. colbycheese

    Yes it would cost me, which is especially saddening because I just bought it in October. It has some kind of water damage so it just isn't working properly and I doubt it could be repaired. The pen clicks like crazy, it doesn't move around right, etc. Right now I'm using my older very small tablet, but it seems to be working okay. I'd had to replace it because the movers lost the stylus last fall. So I took my new stylus and put it with my old tablet.

    The level of detail isn't nearly as good with this older tablet but I think I can kind of manipulate it into being fairly unnoticeable.

  3. Eccentric

    Whew, glad you still had your old tablet around. It's still quite depressing, though.

    Ah. Happy Mother's Day, by the way. :D

  4. colbycheese

    Thanks! :D

  5. Phenoca


    Hair-dryer & towel..?

  6. Phenoca


    Hair-dryer & towel..?

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