#401 – White noise and sudden murderous tendencies

The drama of the bees! Also, in the interest of updating on time, I avoided drawing all those people that are around as much as possible. Let’s all pretend together that they’re still there, instead of a bunch of bushes.

PS: I changed my font.

  • Julia

    Oh, the look on Zedwig's face in the fifth panel … what's he up to?

    And the conversation between Xylic and Hope is priceless.

  • Sam

    Everyone's acting even crazier than usual, Lol! I love the third through fifth panels, that shift from intense to flippant is pretty great.

  • http://bluesaltwatertaffy.deviantart.com/ Deva

    Zedwig is far too mischevious for my comfort.

    Also, for some.. unknown reason, a picture of Hope, holding a plunger that is firmly attached to Goose/James' head popped into my head. You know.. a toilet plunger. Like in the old cartoons ._.

    “Bees.” Oh Zedwig, but you are a little bee yourself..

  • Aurora

    Ack i hate bees but the hint there is so obvious its like slapping me in the face , hes basicly giving them a way to get him asleep and inside the castle. Brilliant absolutley brilliant. I love the look on his face in the fifth panel it is PRICLES.

  • Lady_Nilstria

    In that fifth panel, I can't help but wonder if Zedwig is looking at us…yes, us…the readers…*spooky* O_o

  • A Reader

    Wow. Slightly psychotic mood swings anyone? Geesh. Well. At least Zedwig seems to have calmed down a bit…I don't want any other pretty elves getting fried!!!

  • Emily

    Oh, that silly Hope. Always doin'…stuff! Xylic's hair amazes me and honestly makes me jealous.

  • Me

    Zedwig is freaking me out! What is he talking about?!!

    Wow, Derf's face is very human-like. Well, I guess you design him after what's-his-face Franz Schubert.

    Good idea eliminating the background people — I much enjoy reading the comic more often.

  • Inkblot

    Oo smart. So you think they'll make him fall asleep with bees, smuggle him into the castle, wake him up, and have him attack Fang? :) It's a million-to-one chance, but it just might work.

  • Inkblot

    Yes, I definitely like that theory. The shift from the drama and darkness of the last couple of pages, to the absolutely unhinged craziness of this page (love it by the way) is too sudden and unnatural otherwise.

    In my humble opinion.

    Totally unhinged crazy, though, Zedwig my dear. It just makes us love you the more.

  • Kam

    The suave side of Zedwig is giving me goosebumps.

    In a good way, of course.

  • ellie

    Thank you for the much needed comic relief! I love this… “I wish I had some bees right now.”…”Doesn't everyone.” hehe…I cracked up!

  • yerk

    okay heres what will happen….. derf will grab hope and tell her to buzz her wings and maybe even sing to put zedwig asleep run into the castle and fight fang…………….. whooooo (breathsie)

  • Zypher

    Is that a Labyrinth reference? “I wish I had some bees, right now.” Makes me think of “I wish the goblins would come and take you away, right now.”

  • http://purnicellin.com/lint colbycheese

    Nope, not that familiar with Labyrinth.

  • the_pale_lady

    I love hope's hair it looks soo cute here….so it will be the goose in the bedroom with the wrench?

  • http://epicfail.xepher.net amuletts

    Bit of a long shot that one Zypher

  • http://epicfail.xepher.net amuletts

    I'm not sure what Zedwig means about the bees, but I'm sure it'll make sense later. One of my theorys is that he just cast 'summon insects' or perhaps Fang is deathly allergic/terrified of bees. Or maybe it really is to do with the buzzing – it interfers with Fangs psyonic control in some way??

  • serah

    did no one think that zedwig could be faking it? Like “bees are my weakness!”
    “…Ha ha, nope, they just amplify my power.”

  • serah

    also, xylic is incredibly gorgeous! *___*

  • The Beekeeper

    Zedwig. Fifth panel. ADORABLE.

    I <3 bees

  • lizybeth

    How funny would that be if bees fueled magical power? I can just imagine a superhero with a beehive strapped to his back :)

  • lizybeth

    He's watching yoooooouuuuu!

  • Zypher

    Ni, I thought it would be, but I wanted to throw it out there anyway. I've been sleep-deprived despite 10 hours of sleep a night…

  • Mad-Dog

    WOW! Read Yerk's comment. Very very good idea. Truly truly. No sarcasm… honest. Anyway, i am still hoping that zedwig will break from fang on his own. maybe that is what he is doing right now to some degree. Maybe i am stating the obvious-(that was kinda halfway sarcasm. but only that last “maybe” sentence) Go Yerk!!!

  • stormcloud

    It would definitely give new meaning to “doesn't everyone?” XD


  • anony

    … Wha???….
    *Falls over*

    (From under the table): it's such a cool page!

  • LalkiN

    …Okay Zedwig in this page, awesome! His dry humor right now is making me love him more as a character…I'm pushing for redemption! No more adding him to the LinT cemetary! (and you know he put that in there intentionally! He did he did!)

  • http://ijunkies.we.bs Jen

    you really REALLY should watch labyrinth, especially if you were ever a fan of david bowie. he will show you the glamour!

  • http://purnicellin.com/lint colbycheese

    I have seen it, yes.

  • whimsicalwishing

    A plunger? Hmm… I was thinking of her chsing him around with a pot, threatening to cook his goose. :)

  • LeafyGreenTerrorist

    Lol Zedwig. My theory is that he's just gone completely off the deep end. Or that he's actually a giant magical bee in disguise. Apparently Fangline and Sanguine are both really allergic to bee stings and Zedwig is just waiting for the right chance to sting them both. Well, maybe not Sanguine. I'd cry maybe.

    Oh and…..Yes. I wish I had bees right now. It's been my life long dream.

  • Lini

    I think my favorite panel is the one where Zedwig puts on his serious face and says “Bees.”

    I'm curious as to just what the heck Hope is holding. And I hadn't realized until now how much I'd missed Xylic's hair. Delightful. I also enjoy imagining what Bactine would do to Xylic if she'd heard his “…Women” remark.

  • pondie

    i love zedwig's switch from volatile to cheery in just a few panels.

  • yerk

    thanks a lot! that means something to me!!

  • Mkul

    The random distraction of Hope in the midst of a life and death kingdom claiming battle is so very fun. You've always been able to throw such comedy into these dramatic situations.

  • Crystal

    oh, i hope everything turns out well for Xylic… hey, i'm free!!!

  • LuckyMrph

    Bees. Bees? Bees. Haha! Truthfully… Bees are one of the most annoying sounds ever. But that's hilarious! I also love Xylic and Hope! Gnnh! I'm gonna kill that goose!

  • LuckyMrph

    Bees. Bees? Bees. Haha! Truthfully… Bees are one of the most annoying sounds ever. But that's hilarious! I also love Xylic and Hope! Gnnh! I'm gonna kill that goose!

  • Eliza

    I love how crazy Zedwig is being… it kinda makes me cry at the same time, lol.
    “Doesn't everyone?” was *such* a good line! I love his expression!!