#398 – If one must

Some of these pages are just tough to do! For me, this one had everything hard in it: tons of colors, tons of people, action, special effects, high drama, but most of all the content made me want to scream every time I looked at it too hard. I loved it and hated it at the same time.

Oh Zedwig, what kind of a person are you really we wonder?

  • http://lisa.voidcast.ca Ayjah

    Oh my goodness! You so hoped he would turn around and become “good” but man the art and the story line!! Gorgeous !! (sorry if this posts twice)

  • Lady_Nilstria


    Colby, why is Zedwig being mean? T-T

    Hopefully it has something to do with Zedwig trying to get them to kill him, thus ending his own misery, and probably killing Fang in the process due to shock? I mean, SERIOUSLY, who wouldn't want to damage that impassive face of his? (Or kiss him, but I'm female, so I'm allowed to consider that idea. :-D)



    Furthermore…where in the world is Al'bert at this moment? What's HE been doing?

    Nextly, and I promise lastly, it's all just plain beautiful. :-) Makes you want to just sit and look at it in blissful and rapturous contentment. Which, incidentally, is what I'm doing right now.

  • Kam

    My god, Zedwig! @_@ What are you doing!

  • Zypher

    So Zedwig totally just commited the worst crime known to them all. Wonderful. (read in a dry dispassionate tone)

    Okay, now how I really reacted.

    “WHAT!?! NO!!!!! *deep loud gasp of shock provoking my sister to ask me if I am hurt* “

  • http://www.nightlyre.com Nightlyre

    -insert incoherent strangled pained noise here, something along the lines of “NNNNNGH!!!” but with more exclamation points-

  • http://lisa.voidcast.ca Ayjah

    Ok unexpected!!! There was that niggle of hope that he would turn around and be on the other side! But the art, the story line – GORGEOUS!!!

  • Anony

    Breathless. Wordless.
    Shocked and loving every minute of it.

    But… Grrr. What is it with me and sound effects?
    Hnt looks too much like “Hint” to cause momentary puzzlement.

  • Cder

    Incredible page!! But, why did Zedwig's clothes change? Did he want to die in elven clothes??

  • Kade

    Evil Zedwig is Evil.

    That is so…BADASS! (in a horrible, terrible way…yes, mmm)

    I love this comic :D!

  • http://purnicellin.com/lint colbycheese

    That's not Zedwig :)

  • http://purnicellin.com/lint colbycheese

    Well, if you think about it, this isn't anything new for Zedwig. He was key in the initial coup and squashing whatever rebellions since. He's killed a number of elves before. He's just a little crazier this time.

  • Falco

    page 293, anyone?
    I have to wonder how much of this is actually Zedwig/the crazy/Fang's influence.

  • Psalm

    I like this look for Zedwig, keep it up old boy!

    This just looks beautiful!

  • HelenaHermione

    Howling wail of despair…oh, Kelneth! The agony…Brenge! Curse you, Zedwig–curse you!!!!!

    Well…now that's done with…very good work, Colby. You've made this as dramatic and angst-ridden as it could get. Oh…and I know this isn't over with…

  • Cder

    Wow, I totally read that completely WRONG!! Oh my goodness! Zedwig, NO!!

  • lizybeth

    Harrison Ford Elf, noooooooo!

    Indeed Colby, a good question. When Fang ordered Zedwig to take charge of the elven mages, he certainly didn't specify doing anything like that…

  • lizybeth

    The eulogy: There were many admirable qualities to Brenge, but what I will miss most are his eyebrows.

  • A Reader

    *gasp* What a MEANIE! Zedwig has officially lost 15 brownie points.

  • http://www.nightlyre.com Nightlyre

    Hehe… *applaud*

  • Lady_Nilstria


  • The Antipoet

    Small typo, panel two.

    The colors on these pages are absolutely beyond gorgeous. I am in awe of your background skills.

  • Dantes

    He's still got them. It takes a while to decompose, trust me. Well…his corpse still has them. That's close enough, isn't it?

  • http://purnicellin.com/lint colbycheese
  • Lady_Nilstria

    You're very mean, Colby. XD

  • http://purnicellin.com/lint colbycheese

    Thanks! Wow, I had no idea about that typo. I love editors, thank you!

  • Lissy


    glad to see you still have a sense of humor, colby. you and almost every other comic artist seem to be seriously stressed out and busy all the time. it must come with the job. very nice page. zedwig is like the avatar of nobility in panal four, we've never seen him looking so strong and it looks great.

  • baretoedgirl

    Oh GOD, yes! I love this so much! 0_0 Muahahaha… and now I feel evil, but seriously, how is powerful, sinister, twisted Zedwig NOT the sexiest thing you've ever seen?! And the horrified look on Kelneth's face as his blade runs the other elf through is just gah, so GOOD!! I love that you're not afraid to go to those dark places that make a story something greater than just entertaining.

    Oh, and I totally didn't notice the blood-stained blade portruding from the elf's back at first, but it adds so much to the scene… ^_^ Masterfully done!

  • Brie

    Whew! It took me awhile to comprehend he was stabbing somebody other than himself…. Honestly I'm not too shaken up, that makes this an awesome moment for Zedwig, it's so…so ironic!

    I'm in love with this page! (I'm more attached to Kelneth than Brenge sadly enough) I think Zedwig finally completely lost it….His last ounce of goodness was saving Bactine and in turn saving Sangwine. This character is so amazing!

  • brie

    And On an extra note, Zedwig's hands look amazing in this page!!

  • Kade

    I know, there's something about a guy like that looking so in control that is very appealing, probably because it's such a clash between what he looks like and how he behaves.

  • lizybeth

    XD aaaaahahahahaaaaaa
    Oh man, that is great. And it is my new desktop image.

    What does the “H” before Brenge stand for? Is his full name HarrisonFordElf Brenge?

  • http://purnicellin.com/lint colbycheese


  • Lady_Nilstria

    In retrospect, when Zedwig asked 'you would kill another elf', Kelneth should have said 'noooooOOOOOoooooooo'…..

  • Zypher

    Oh, I know he has. That wasn't what surprised me. What surprised me was HOW he went about it.

  • Zypher

    *dies laughing* That was AWESOME. Like EPICALLY AWESOME

  • neuefruhling

    I just noticed Derf in the background! It has been a while.

  • neuefruhling

    I just noticed Derf in the background! It has been a while.

  • Eliza

    Zedwig, nooooo!