The End

Wednesday — January 6th, 2010
The End
Wednesday — January 6th, 2010

The End

Hey Ever’body!

Here’s the thrilling The End Page. Wow, it’s like a 3rd grader drew it or something!

I have a bazillion bukoos of news, here’s to hoping I can remember everything.

FIRST: Here’s that podcast you ordered. Me and Ron talking about everything Lint-related and answering most of your questions. We actually did this on December 23rd, so it’s slightly dated. Some things I left unanswered, because of future Lint possibilities.

SECOND: I got inspired and finished putting Lint into print! I looked into a lot of options, and found that I couldn’t get the same level of quality for any less (at least, not that I found), so I went ahead and finished out the volumes at Lulu. Now available, Lint Vol. 5 and Lint Vol. 6!

THIRD: Lint and my future comic endeavors have just been accepted into the SpiderForest collective~ Buncha great people, over there, I tells ya.

FOURTH: Speaking of future comic endeavors, what about my next work, eh!? Well, it’s titled “Pygmalion in Space” and here it is in embryonic form. Frumph will be creating the site, so you can watch it be built from the ground up (and an fyi; he hasn’t touched it yet. All that nastiness is my own horrible handiwork). In fact, probably everything will change before it actually starts, but now you can watch it evolve until opening day, which, if nothing hitches, should be later this month.

FIFTH: The Comic Creator’s Alliance will start taking donations to stop Human Trafficking on January 11th! This concerns you because… well… human trafficking is bad, and PLUS if you donate you get a nifty wallpaper with art from a ton of webcomic artists, including myself.

SIXTH: Is something I forgot!

Anyway, Thanks for reading, thanks for being around and for all the support. See you soon!



Extra Blog Postings:

Questions for Podcast, wherein All will be Revealed. More or less.

Hey guys, this will be the spot for placing the podcast questions which Ron and I will create once everything has wound down.

Here are the questions I’ve received already:

CC: You’ve got to explain the chapter title pages as promised!

catlitten: What are you going to do when Lint is over? HOW WILL YOU LIVE? Haha, but have you bounced any other ideas around in your head? Any stories you feel you wanna tell?

Rachael: sang’s middle name? do we figure that out?

LuckyMrph: when an elf cuts his or her hair, does it grow back? Like Fang and Al’bert, it’s such a big deal to cut an elf’s hair but shouldn’t it just grow back?

Cristal: I’m wondering if you’ll draw another comic after the end of this one. I already feel nostalgic… snif ! é_è

Name: any NaNoWriMo attempt from you this year?

Spas: ok for the podcast, will there be another graphic or written story in the world of lint?

Maelstra: Since stories tend to evolve as we write them, is there any particular scene in Lint that you would do drastically different now?

LeafyGreenTerrorist: Where do you get your inspiration from? Does it come to you, or is there a certain thing you do to get inspired? Also, how did you come to name your characters?

Maelstra: Did you have any scenes that you *really* wanted to include, but cut because they would have broken the comic flow?

If you have more questions as the next few pages come out, please post them below!


Oh noes, school, birthdays, life

Hey everybody ~

First week of school here in Colbyland and that meant lots of days and nights spent filling out paperwork, organizing things, meeting teachers and not much time working on comics. Today is my daughter’s ninth birthday and that means cupcakes at school, birthday meatballs, presents, and also not comics. :(

Sometimes life is kinda crazy, but I go antsy and slightly insane when deprived of the comics for too long, so look for an update on Tuesday at least. Maybe another chapter of the new book, too, before then.

lurves, C

EDIT: Here’s a new Chapter!

Help quick everybody!

Hey guys,

I sort of totally forgot about doing this thing, and now it ends at midnight tonight. I’m on bracket #21, if you scroll down. If you’re feeling charitable, vote for me; I only need like 15 votes to win it. :)

6 hours to make it, whorsh.


Wednesday Updatin’

This page is taking me a lot longer to make than I expected, mostly because I’m being extra loving with the lineart. A character gets highlighted here that doesn’t often get the limelight, and I wanted to do him justice. I just finished the lineart, but I’ve gotta hit the sack, so I put a preview of the first panel, sans greyscale, under the vote button incentive. Update will be tomorrow early!


Easy Help

Hey everybody I’m beginning to replace the font on some of these comics, which is a really time consuming thing to do, but I want to start with the comics that are hardest to read.

SO, I could really use help in picking out the ones that need replaced first. These would be the ones where the font is either too small or blurry to read easily (there are quite a few, alas). If you can just contribute one or two page suggestions (either the page # or a link would be great) it would help me find the worst of them first and get these archives more readable.


Playing with Site

I’m going to be playing around with the stylesheet and overall look of my site today (and maybe for the next few days if I can’t get it to do what I want) so don’t be alarmed if everything goes all crazy-n-stuff.

Tablet Tragedy has Struck

Last night Ron was at my computer when my 2 year old was bringing him a glass of water, which she dropped and spilled onto my Wacom tablet.


… by the way. For what it’s worth I put up a page of sketches for the next comic page under the vote incentive button.

Update: I have jimmy-rigged a solution and with luck will be able to create the same level of detail! Still, it’s good news.

Vote Incentive

… is up. Kind of a crappy sketch which will probably change a lot, but it’s the first two panels thus far of the next page. Yay for getting away from big crowds!

Vote’n Incentive

Halloes! The vote incentive for today is a page from my sketchbook including the sketches for the first panel in the next comic, the last panel in the next comic, and a slight redesign of James (mostly his hair) that I did last night. Enjoy!

Have I ever mentioned how much I love this occupation?

Oops, Incentive!

I totally forgot about this thingay. I’m pretty far along with this page so if you vote, you get to see a large 1st panel (man it gave me a lot of trouble) partially colored with dialogue. Also, new comic should be up later tonight after I finish coloring it. #400, wow.